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Welcome to Exclusive Creations Design
serving Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia
Our services include an array of home staging, redesign, decorating services including commercial decorating and redesign.
Home staging is the art of presenting a home for the buyer by eliminating clutter, arranging furniture, appropriate use and placement of accessories and creating curb appeal.  This process has proven to reduce a home's time on the market, and often helps to increase the selling price. 
Redesign is the art of using a homeowner's furniture, rugs, wall hangings and accessories in a way that makes a room showcase in the best possible way.  It can take a room from boring to beautiful.  The immediate satisfaction and gratification is instant and the amazing transformation takes just one day.
Decorating today takes its cues from across the globe.  The images that resonate and capture our imaginations, inspire the way we think, and the space we call home.  Nothing is more exciting than a new idea, an intriguing shape, an enticing color.  No one is better at translating this excitement into beautiful form than Exclusive Creations Design.  We create individuality and style that speaks to the four corners of a room in perfect translation.
Living green  is the goal of all our efforts.   We use and encourage the use of green products during the home staging, redesigning and decorating process.  We recommend other green companies that homeowners can benefit from during our consultations.
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