"creating exclusive designs for you..."

Home Staging
Buyers expectations are at an all time high and it is more important than ever to present your home in the best possible light.  We become the third party unbiased eye by addressing the things that can impact your bottom line.  We provide a detailed Staging analysis with specific recommendations that can include decluttering, editing and rearranging your furniture and accessories.  Our complete services includes if needed, cleaning, repairs, painting, updating fixtures, flooring, and landscaping suggestions.

It is amazing what a difference a fresh look can make.  Clients often can't believe how wonderful their space looks after professional redesigning.  We showcase your furniture and accessories in a whole new way by rearranging, editing and bringing in things from other rooms.  We also consider how you need the room to function while maximizing inherent focal points.  We can do one room or the entire house.

Color Consultations
One of the most dramatic ways to decorate is with color.  Whether you prefer soft and subtle or bold and dynamic, new color adds warmth and richness and can totally change the feeling of a room.  We love to help our clients make new wall color choices and encourage the difference this can make.  Sometimes bringing in things from other areas of the house can also create the desired color impact.  We can quickly ascertain the desired ambience while incorporating your things.

Moving Services
Getting ready to move into a new home?  Let us arrange the furniture, hang wall art, place accessories etc.  We will quickly help alleviate the stress of moving while maximizing your decor.  We want to make it possible for you to get on with your life and this service is just what is needed during this busy time.   Whatever you need we are here to help. 

Personal Shopping and Window Treatments
Are you planning to add new furniture pieces, accessories, window treatments, flooring, area rugs, lighting and/or wall art?  We work with every budget to help create a great look.  Knowing where to find what you are looking for... no matter what your style, is our pleasure.

Commercial Space Redesign or Set up
From lobbies to tenant spaces, stairwells to showrooms, offices to boardrooms call us to get started on creating an inspiring space.  Imagine how much more productive everyone will feel with a revitalized work environment.  It helps your clients view your business in its true light.

Professionally staged homes
present and show better

than competing houses for

sale, including new

construction homes and

higher priced houses.

Client Testimonial

Most likely, our realty agent had already informed you that we sold (within 6 days) our condo unit, that you staged earlier.  Today the transaction was formally completed.

It was a pleasant surprise to us that it was gone so fast.  Among many factors, we think that your exquisite decoration of the condo played an important role.

We thank you for your professional service, and wish you a very prosperous year.

Dan F. Rockville, MD